Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back in the day

I accompanied Andy's class a few weeks ago to Sunnybrook Farms. We came here last summer with my mom, but this experience was different because the students were included in a tour of activities, and last year we just roamed around. First stop was in the kitchen of the old homestead house to make bannock on the wood-fired stove.

We used wheat flour with lard, water, and salt, and I volunteered to cook it while our little group moved on to making butter. These were basically white man's version of tortillas.

When I caught up with the pack, they were washing socks. Then it was on to visit some of the farm animals,
milk the pretend cow, and go on a tractor ride. As they disembarked the tractor to get back on the school bus, they were served a couple pieces of bannock with butter they made. Adults got some too - pretty tasty!


Andy and Sams Granddad said...

As a kid, I wouldn't care, but as an interested bystander, I wonder why they didn't have the kids wash the socks AFTER they petted and messed around with the animals....I understand by asking this question I have forever established myself as...too far gone for anyone to care...LOL

Jessica said...

Wow, Dad - you figured out how to leave a comment! I'm impressed! ;o)

Yes, it may have made more sense to wash socks later, but they DID wash their hands after they played with the animals.