Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter fun - almost

Otto's skis and my snowboard arrived today. Still no snow on the ground here, but we're heading to the mountains in a couple weekends, and we're all enrolled in a lesson. Here's my board - isn't it pretty? And the model standing next to it is pretty cute too!

I still need to call around and see if I can get some padded pants, as I know I will be spending lots of time falling one way or another; that I am not looking forward too, but I will persevere!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


We attended our first hockey game last weekend. I'm just noticing this sign isn't quite right. It should either read 'Red Deer vs. Medicine Hat', or 'Rebels vs. Tigers', but I digress.

I think this hockey league is like the AA or AAA baseball leagues. I'm not sure if they get called up directly to the NHL from here or not.

We sat on the first row, which at times made it difficult to see, but I think was fun to do at least once. I mean, how else can you get this close to the action?

The all-important Zamboni, which came out and smoothed the ice after every period was over, and before the shootout.

We sat right next to the visiting team's bullpen?? (what do you call it?), and at first the latched door that lets them in and out was a little jarring. WHAM! WHAM! And it's constantly being opened and WHAMing shut. Players are flying in and out, many times without stoppage of play (how does that work?). Eventually we got used to it and it became more of a wham.

During one of the intermissions? (again, not sure what it's called) they were advertising this minivan. I tried this a couple times last week. Luckily there were no cars in the immediate vicinity.

During the first intermission we had some popcorn, during the second they enjoyed some ice cream!
There were also some little league teams competing against each other for about five minutes to show off their skills.
And the proud parents photographing their little darlings.

After the game, one of the referees skated over to us, tapped on the glass, and asked us if we wanted the puck. Sure! So he tossed it over the glass to us.
So, yes, after three periods it was tied, they went into overtime, then the Rebels won in the shootout. Woohoo! Go Rebels!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Since Andy and Otto were off from their normal weekday activities on Tuesday, we all went for a walk around Bower Ponds.It was cold. About -2 degrees C. I guess I can't say REALLY cold because it's going to get colder.

Otto would have worn a hat, but there was some miscommunication and he thought we were going to Costco. (We did after we went for our walk.)

As of this morning we all have a pair of ice skates, so I say with some hesitation and trepidation that we're ready for the ponds to freeze over. We've had some snow flurries, but nothing that has stuck to the ground. Maybe next week!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Remembrance Day

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, which is the same day (and equivalent to as far as I can tell) as Veteran's Day in the States. You can contribute some change and pick up a poppy pin to wear to commemorate the occasion. I rather like the term Remembrance Day, putting emphasis on the action of remembering those who endured (or are enduring) conditions that I would rather not. Andy is off from school today and tomorrow, and had a Remembrance Day assembly at school on Friday. I picked a poppy up from the doctor's office on Friday and was wearing it when Sam and I met Andy at the bus stop that afternoon. "No, Mommy, you're wearing it on the wrong side. You're supposed to wear it over your heart!" Whoops - thank goodness I have Andy to keep me in the know around here! :o)

This year I remember, among others, my dad, Rex Bivins, Jr. (Hi Dad!) who served in Vietnam, my grandfathers, Rex Bivins, Sr. and Herbert Anderson who both served in World War II, and Ryno (Ryan) van Leeuwan who is serving in Afghanistan as I write.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


What a long day yesterday was. Long, but good. After dropping Andy off at school, Sam and I raced home, cut up some fruit for Andy's class party later in the day, packed a lunch, then raced back to school to help out with their Dance-a-thon. I use the term "help out" loosely, because we basically just danced for about 45 minutes, through two sets of age groups (grades 1,2,3 then grades 4,5,6 I think) while shooing the kids away from the sound equipment. It was a bit of a work out, because Sam didn't care for the event, and I ended up holding him most of the time. Here I they were doing the chicken dance. Andy ran out of the picture before I took it. We ate lunch with Andy in the cafeteria, then proceeded to his classroom to help out with the afternoon party activities. Sam and I were at the mask-making center (or should I say centre?). I should have taken pictures of the kids with their masks, but I guess I was too busy cutting out the eye holes. After crafts, it was time to change into their costumes! Then it was back to the gym for the parade of costumes. A tired alligator who did not get a nap; luckily the day before he had a long one! Then it was back to the room for some snacks, and home we went. (Actually, Sam fell asleep in the car on the way home and slept for about an hour, so his batteries were charged for trick-or-treating.) After dinner, they donned their costumes again, ready to GET THAT CANDY! We went back inside because Otto wasn't ready yet - he was making some hot chocolate for the hike. Andy took this shot while they were waiting. It was very nice weather for this time of year, I was told by several people. Apparently there is normally snow, and the kids are wearing their snowsuits under their costumes. Here was part of their stash. And here's the pile that got recycled to some lucky kids without peanut allergies (I asked). Sam reminded me several times that he isn't allergic to peanuts, but it's just not worth the risk.... But I sure hope Andy grows out of this allergy at some point, because I do love peanut butter, especially when paired with chocolate. You don't know how hard it was to give that pile away to those kids! So here were a few things in the pile that we didn't get in the States. There's a question on the side of this bar that asks, "Have you felt the bubbles melt?" And the answer is, no, I pretty much inhaled it. Next time I'll try letting the bubbles melt. I think I've seen Smarties before, but M&Ms still taste better to me - maybe because that's what I grew up with. And the Coffee Crisp I like. These I found out have peanuts after I popped them in my mouth for a taste, so the rest went into the recycle pile. I could have read that they had peanuts on the side of the package, but I think my brain was suppressing that thought process so it could possibly have a peanut/chocolate taste experience - and it worked! After the first one (which was genuinely a surprise) I did read the label on the second candy bar, but by that time I had already been contaminated, so I figured I'd throw another one back. YUM. I did avoid giving Andy any kisses until I thoroughly rinsed my mouth out with water, and brushed my teeth. Sadly, for some kids that still wouldn't be enough. So I'm glad Andy's allergy isn't as severe as some others.This morning there was the great sorting of all the loot. In New Orleans, we not only did this with candy after trick-or-treating, but with the beads after every Mardi Gras parade. Then there was a tally of the three biggest piles. Sam enjoying a sweet in the sliver of sunlight that the living room gets for about 10 minutes a day.