Sunday, May 17, 2009

Haircuts, Bike Rides, and Happy Victoria Day

I normally cut the boys' hair myself, on a weekend due to having to drag the stool up from the basement, put it back, and the time it takes to vacuum up all the hair. We ran out of time last weekend, and I just couldn't take another week of their wild hair (mostly Andy's wild hair), so I took them to Beaners. It's a place just for kids to get their hair cut, where they can play in a ball pit while they wait, choose which vehicle they want to sit in, and watch a movie while the deed is being done. They also have colored gel which they guys thought was uber cool.

And we went for our first family bike ride of the season yesterday. Otto made sure the tires were properly pumped.

Otto and Andy riding through the trail from Heritage Ranch to Bower Ponds. Sam and I are right behind them!

We stopped on the bridge to check out the river below.

The ice is all gone!

I bought this 1/2 bike addition (I think it's called The Co-Pilot) for the back of my bike so Sam could feel more like a participant on our rides. He was growing frustrated with sitting in the trailer at the end of last season, while Andy would be peddling away. His legs aren't quite long enough to help me peddle, or not effectively anyway. But he's sure enjoying the ride!

And tomorrow Otto has work off (and the boys are off school) for Victoria Day. You can read more about that here. Essentially it boils down to a nice, long weekend. Woo hoo! Especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been the last two days. Unfortunately, the high tomorrow is supposed to be 0 degrees C with snow. Darn the luck. Maybe we'll go see a movie.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck getting them to go back to "Mom cuts." Family bike rides sounds like fun! Miss you - I'm at work now passing the time - I promise you I will call you soon!
Miss you tons,
Jennifer McE