Sunday, May 3, 2009

Andy is SEVEN

Wow - Andy turned seven today. I rolled over as Otto and I were going to sleep last night, right about midnight, and reminded him that seven years earlier we were heading to the hospital so that I could be induced. What an exciting time that was - and what a great day when we had him! He was pretty cute. And I knew instantly, and was completely shocked, that he looked like my side of the family. We didn't have a digital camera yet when he was first born, but here's a shot from when he was 2 or 3 months old.

The birthday party went off without a hitch yesterday.

Eight boys running around turned out to be manageable.



After everyone left we all crashed on the sofa for a group nap. No picture available. He did tell me after the party "Mommy, that was a really fun birthday party." Mission accomplished!

This morning he opened his gifts from us. Here he is sporting his new wristwatch AND swingin' his new hula hoop, while Sam squirts a still-filled water gun from the party yesterday. And yes, it was reasonably warm outside this morning! :o)

What a duo - we should take them on the road.

And the two of them with the soccer cake toppers and candles, as arranged by Andy, on the leftover cake so that we could sing to him again on his actual birthday.

Happy Birthday, Andy!

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Anonymous said...

There's still places in New ORleans where they'll be a big hit!!! xox