Monday, June 1, 2009

You say tomato...

We went out for dinner last night. I had a salad that had apples, dried cranberries, goat cheese, and some yummy spiced pecans. Otto and I finished our meals well in advance of the boys (as is usually the case), so as we were sitting there waiting, I flagged the waitress over and had a back-and-forth that went something like this:

Me: Could I please have a few more of those pecans that were on my salad, they were very tasty!

Waitress: (staring, as if to read my lips) More of what?

Me: The pecans that came on my salad; could I have a few more?

Waitress: Prawns?

Me: (emphatically) PECANS (p'kahns). (Canadian/Northern pronunciation of 'pecan' then hits me like a ton of bricks.) Oh, I mean PEEcans (pee-kahns), PEE CANs (pee-cans)!! PEE CANS!

Waitress: Oh sure. I didn't think you had prawns on your salad.

She then brought me about three times as many pecans as I was expecting, and we ate every one. You just have to know how to ask! :o)

And what they refer to as 'prawns' up here is another matter entirely.


Derek said...

You meant to say the "correct pronunciation of 'pecan' then hits me like a ton of bricks"


Gibbs said...

I randomly found your blog. I just moved to Red Deer last year. Glad someone else is enjoying the odd things around here. My favorite has to be the pronunciation of things...Sometimes I have no idea what they are saying then I slowly figure it out. My favorite was when someone asked me if I wanted 'Pasta' finally I realized they were asking if I wanted PASTA! Good times eh? lol

Anonymous said...

Try living with one of those carzy canadians and their crazy talk!

Jessica said...

Gibbs - welcome to Red Deer! We've been here almost a year. The 'pasta' cracks me up, too.

Jen - I can only imagine what you endure on a daily basis! :o)