Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sam the gardner, and hula-hooper

A few weeks ago, to celebrate Earth Day I believe, Sam planted some seeds in cups with his playgroup. Last week they started to sprout up out of the dirt and he was astonished and elated.

And look at them today! As much as I complain about this being the cold, dark side of the house, there appears to be adequate lighting to cajole seeds to come out, and flourish!

The really fun part is that they had a variety of different flower and vegetable seeds, and Sam chose them all. So he tells me that the cup pictured on the left are all flowers and the one in the middle are various vegetables. The vegetables appear to include (based on what Sam can remember and what our neighbor could identify) a corn plant, a few carrots, a pea shoot, some type of bean, and one mystery plant. Pretty soon we'll have to put them in bigger, separate pots, because they're growing like crazy. There is also a cup with just grass, which is rather peaceful to look at. Maybe I'll keep that one in the window.

And the plant at the very right is a magic message bean plant that I think my mom gave Andy for his birthday last year (or was it Christmas?). Anyway, I thought it would be a good time to pull it out and water it since we had the other cups going. Once the bean sprouts there is a message on it; I'll let you know what it says once it presents itself.

And lastly, a clip of Sam hula-hooping. He was getting a little frustrated that he couldn't hula as well as Andy. But before we took Andy to school this morning he showed Sam how to whip it around his body with his hands so that it circled around several times before falling to the floor. That made him feel a little better; a little more accomplished. (Oh, I didn't think about not being able to rotate the video image, so I guess you'll have to turn your head - sorry!)

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Anonymous said...

A natural showman! What choreography! what dialogue! xox