Thursday, August 18, 2011

Farewell, Red Deer

This will be short and sweet. I don't like long goodbyes. In fact I don't even like short goodbyes. I prefer a "see-ya'-later", or "until next time". In the past couple days I've found myself saying more often, "We WILL see each other again!" in a rising, high-pitched, oh-my-goodness-I'm-about-to-cry pitch. If some people don't make it down to our new home for a visit, we'll eventually be back in The States, which will make it easier for visiting, going either way.

Red Deer, you've been a really good home to us. You've provided a wonderful school for our boys to attend, great sports to watch and play, and life-long friends. Thank you. You won't be forgotten.

Much Love,

Friday, August 12, 2011

Lloydminster and the Pysanka

When we were in Lloydminster for lacrosse provincials last month, one of the most unique things about the town was that it's split down the middle, half in the province of Alberta, and half in the province of Saskatchewan. We were VERY excited to visit one more province.

There were four large red markers at the border that we visited.

One the left is the crest of Alberta, on the right the crest of Saskatchewan, and in the middle is Lloyd's crest.

The town, I learned, existed before provincial lines were drawn. They also refer to themselves as the Border City (logically), though I haven't heard anyone call it that over here.

A nice memorial to Canadian Veterans in front of City Hall.

We took our obligatory I'm Half Here and Half There pictures.

Hmmm, maybe 60/40.

The next day on our way home we drove through Vegreville, and visited the largest Easter egg in the WORLD!! It's a Ukrainian Easter egg, and is called a Pysanka.

As we were pulling in, Andy mentioned they talked about it in Social when they were studying the Ukraine. Well, perfect!

It turns with the wind, ever so slowly. At first I thought it was motorized, but realized the breeze was causing it to shift.

There was also a caboose on the property that the boys enjoyed exploring.

It was very well- equipped; even had a little kitchen. I guess that makes sense, but I never thought about what might be IN a caboose before, I was always just excited to see it at the end of a train. Now you're lucky if you get a solitary flashing red light magnetically stuck to the last rail car. BO-RING.

We had fun hanging around, but soon needed to hit the highway again. Due west to Edmonton, where we hung a Louie and headed home to Red Deer.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Wednesday Ladies

Pretty much every Wednesday morning for the past three years (during the school year), I've been hanging out with the same group of gals. Some have floated in and out, but every six weeks there is a Mom's Night Out where anyone who has ever been in the group can gather for dinner. Sandra, one of my friends who I met a couple years ago there, threw me a going-away luncheon last week.

Wednesday morning topics varied widely, but most revolved around what our children were up to, difficulties that we may be having, and brainstorming about solutions. It was just nice to sit around and talk, and bounce ideas off one another. We took turns bringing a snack, so not only did we have good company, we had good food. On the odd occasion that I was in a bad mood when I arrived, I was always in a great mood when I left.

It was SOOOOOO nice have met them at the start of school that first year. They made whittling out my new life up here MUCH more enjoyable.

A parting shot of Andy, Sam, Sandra, and Ben.

Thank you, Friends. You won't be forgotten, and keep in touch! I'm still considering skyping in on Wednesday mornings! ;o)