Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gingerbread in 'da House

Well, in this case, gingerbread IS the house! The boys were off from school yesterday, and we were invited to our friends' house to decorate gingerbread houses. This is a kick-off Christmas tradition in their house, and they were off school, too.

Sam and I went over the day before to pre-assemble the houses, so everything was ready to go when we got there. Judy, their mom, said she didn't know who was more excited to get going - the high school girls or the little boys!

Working on the rooftop. And I do believe that cheek is protruding out a bit on the right - might that possibly be a piece of candy?

Rachel working away...

and Rebecca, too! They're both old pros now.

Still at it!

And the finished masterpieces.

Yesterday we also had our second snowfall of the year. (The first was in early October and promptly melted.) Since I had my camera with me, I snapped a few shots.

And hearing, "Mommy, can we pleeeeeeeeease shovel the driveway?" when we got home was too cute. But, of course, my dear children. Isn't mommy the very best for allowing you to partake in such activities?

I wonder how long actually wanting to shovel the driveway will last.

After about 15 minutes, Andy did mention that he felt like I could pay them for the job. Maybe $1 each. I told him no such contracts were signed before the job commenced, and I could do it for free. We ultimately all finished the job together. And they piled up the snow so they could run and jump in it and/or use it as a wintry chaise lounge.

Monday, November 23, 2009

This n' that

I haven't been very good about posting to the blog lately. I think now that we've been here a year, things aren't so 'new' anymore, and don't seem as 'new'sworthy.

Sam and I made some zucchini muffins a few weeks ago. Here he is grating the zucchini.

And mixing the batter. They were very tasty - I think the lemon zest in the recipe made them particularly good.

One evening Andy was doing his reading for school. I think Sam was waiting for him to finish so they could go play.... and fell asleep.

Andy helping me stir polenta for dinner one evening - very carefully!

Working on a word search one afternoon.

I took the boys for our first ice skating outing this (almost) winter a couple Sundays ago. Here they are posing with the gear.

Andy got his skating legs back fairly quickly.

Sam was still struggling a bit even at the end of last season, so we had a few of these moments:

But then he started enjoying himself.

And we went for our first ski trip of the season to Sunshine near Banff this past weekend. I didn't take the camera to the slopes, but the conditions were GREAT! (Unusual for this early in the ski season.) We all had a fun time. Here we are out on Banff Avenue after dinner.

The boys wanted their picture taken on this bench made of snowboards. First shot - Andy looking at the passer-byers.One more try...