Sunday, May 10, 2009

A few packages of food and Mother's Day

Does something look odd here?

How about here?

Look reeeeeeeeeal close.

Just who is this 'Mr. Christie' person (if that's his real name), and what has he done with Nabisco?! There is something innately wrong to me about a package of Oreos without 'Nabisco' in the corner. This is the first package that I've bought since we've been here, and I did a double take when I picked it up. They do taste the same.

The macaroni and cheese I've been exposed to for nearly a year now, so it doesn't seem so strange anymore. It does say 'Kraft' in big letters. But everyone up here calls it 'Kraft Dinner', just like it says on the box. I haven't heard anyone refer to it as 'mac&cheese'. Maybe because there is a distinct difference between Kraft macaroni and cheese, and real macaroni and cheese. Maybe they're more particular about just what they label as mac&cheese. But come to think of it, I haven't heard anyone talk about mac&cheese, Kraft or not. Just 'Kraft Dinner'. Or maybe it's just that there are less syllables to say in 'Kraft Dinner'. It tastes the same, too.

Due to large Indian, Filipino, Dutch, Ukrainian and a few other populations, there are a couple aisles of interesting ethnic foods at The Real Canadian Superstore. (Does anyone remember The Real Superstore that used to be in New Orleans on Airline Hwy out by where Zephyr Stadium is now? This is the same place - you have to deposit some money to get your shopping cart here, too.) Every couple months if I have a little extra time, I take a stroll down these aisles to see what new and different things I can find. A couple weeks ago I picked these up.

They taste about as good as they sound. They aren't bad, really (well, Otto and the boys may contest that), just overly salty in my opinion. And they take a while to chew. They're a bit straw-like in texture after the first few chews, at which time you feel kinda' like a cow chewing cud. Hey, I figured a few years ago if someone had mentioned that I'd be munching on pumpkin seeds, I'd think they were as silly as if they said watermelon seeds. Maybe watermelon seeds are the new pumpkin seeds. Well, not these. Next time we'll try the pickled mango!

And here's a picture of me and my little angels this morning, sporting the gifts they made me for Mother's Day. I wore my visor and necklace to Wal-Mart. And I didn't think about the fact, until after I ran across the store to get a few things while Otto was with the boys on the other side, that I really should have one of them with me when dressed this way. :o)

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Derek said...

I don't know if they still use it but their slogan used to be "Mr. Christie, you make good cookies."

And we like to eat our Kraft Dinner with Ketchup. :-)