Thursday, April 29, 2010


Easter lasts 50 days, so technically I'm not late. :o) Here are Andy and Sam working on Easter eggs. Voila! Bowl full-o'-colored-eggs. They turned out more vivid than I thought they would. And a couple days after that we made some pretty Italian Easter Bread. Funny-face Sam kneading the dough. Rolling out the pieces that will be twisted together. Breads twisted up, ends met, risen, and almost ready to bake. Just need to paint on a little beaten egg first... Andy's turn to make a funny face... and don't forget the sprinkles! Putting the Easter eggs in the center of each bread, accompanied by a little more silliness. Ready to pop in the oven! Add ImageAnd ready to EAT. They were slightly sweet, like Hawaiian bread. They reminded me of king cake, too. Little, mini, Easter king cakes. Yum.