Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chili Cook-Off

Otto's United Way chili cook-off is tomorrow at work. At one point he had a pot going inside and one outside so the meat would cook faster. Sam loves to get in on any cooking action.
The quantity of chopped onion not only made Otto well-up, but Andy and I in the living room (not terribly far away from the kitchen, but still) started reaching for tissues to dry our eyes. Yet Sam had nary a tear - standing right next to Otto.

I was shocked when I saw cans of beans on the counter. I always put beans in my chili, but this was always a no-no in the Texas chili cook-offs. When I asked him about it, he said the local constituency liked their chili con frijoles. Hey, I've finally found my people! A foodie blog I was reading a little while ago coincidentally mentioned chili. She said no beans in chili, and if you do add them, then it's bean and meat soup (she was Texan).

Now both pots have been combined to the outside pot. The lighting is not so good out there! I didn't know that until I went out to take this picture; I guess I haven't had a reason to go in the back at night yet. On this one I used the flash - makes it look a lot brighter than it actually is.
I'll let you know if he won....


Anonymous said...

Way way to much work involved - isn't there a Wendy's you could go buy a couple of bowls from and then toss into your own container.

Hmmm...then again, maybe not the taste you were going for

Did he get the blue ribbon?

Anonymous said...

that first comment was from me by the way

love -
Jennifer from down in Texas where our chili and soup contains beans (but since I'm from N.O. too I guess I don't know the official way to make chili)