Thursday, September 18, 2008

British Columbia - Part I

We took a vacation to Fairmont, BC the last week of August. Beautiful, fun, and a bit chilly at times. On our first full day, we took a 40 minute drive to Premier Lake. There are lots of campsites here, a great lake to swim in, with docks for your boat (if you have one), and a fun playground with a very fast-spinning tire swing. It piqued in me the most interest I've had to go camping since forth grade, when my parents had to pick me up from a summer Girl Scout camp in Mississippi, two days into a two week camp because I was homesick.
View from our picnic table.

Andy feeling the water,

then a nice smile for the camera.

After lunch and checking out the dock, we walked around the lake for a while.

Sam making noises to scare any hungry bears away.

I call this one "Family on Fallen Tree".

A bee that was hanging around. I swear this bee was making clicking noises as it flew.

And the spinning tire swing.

That evening we went to Invermere for dinner. It was a Scottish restaurant - Something McSomething's (don't remember the exact name). Good beer, decent food, and lots of bees that ran most people inside from the patio. They never did bug us though. Andy took a picture of Sam and me while we waited for our food.

More on the trip later....


Anonymous said...

Querida familia
Veo que estan hiendo a muchos lados que tienen un paisaje muy bello. Los niƱos muy lindos.
Esperamos que algun dia podamos visitar ese lugar tan lindo.
Los quiere

Tia Tere

Jessica said...

Muchas gracias, Tia! Y estoy muy contenta que te gusta el blog. :o)

Muchos Carinos,