Monday, September 1, 2008

And the topic of the day is....

Gustav, of course! We don't get the Weather Channel here (although I could probably stream it from the internet - not as comfy as sitting on the couch), so I'm missing the people who like to show themselves almost being blown away. But we do get CNN, so that's what we've been watching. Even CTV, the major t.v. station up here, has a person or two reporting from New Orleans right now - I'm impressed!

My father and sister arrived in Brooks, GA (near Atlanta) yesterday morning. They are staying with my uncle and aunt (Steve and Gail), and spending time with my other uncle and aunt (Mary Jane and Alan) who also live in the area. My mom is still up in Michigan spending another day with my grandfather's wife, Lyn, before flying into Atlanta herself tomorrow. Her husband, Bill, and his family have also fled to outside Atlanta where they have some family, and my sister has Mom's car in Atlanta, so that seems to be the place to go right now.

All this hurricane business has made me homesick. Weird. Because it's no fun to be in the long line of traffic for hours upon hours, although Dad said it seemed to move pretty steadily for them. And the stress of getting out of harm's way, and 'WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN TO MY HOUSE THIS TIME??!!' certainly isn't pleasant. I think it's because I normally have family evacuating to OUR house, and we kind of keep vigil together.

But, we are still thinking of everyone, and watching the tube for updates. Hope you are all staying safe, and may Gustav dissipate quickly.

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