Friday, July 18, 2008

Unfrozen popsicles and parades

Ever wonder what to do with all those little rectangular baggies of unfrozen freezer pops? Why keep them in the box? Yesterday Sam opted for drinking one over crushed ice rather than eating one from the freezer. Last week they huddled up in the pantry and sorted them by color. And today I was summoned to the pantry to find this: On Wednesday I took the boys to the parade which kicks off the yearly Westerner Days festival. There are carnival rides (I'm pretty sure they are the same ones we rode on in Ponoka a couple weeks ago), a couple stages for shows, animals, arts booth and some pony chuck wagon races. I think Clint Black is even performing on Saturday night!

The parade had not only one, but TWO bagpipe marching bands.

There was a bicycle built for two, PLUS a whole lot more.

And look how cute these teeny horses are!

Andy and Sam sippin' a cold one and takin' in the views.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jess,
I love reading your blog and finding out how Red Deer is going. Even though we didn't see each other often I really miss you and wish we weren't a billion miles away. I will call you today or tomorrow.
Love you,
Jen (Mc)