Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Making music...kind of

Andy and Sam had a jam session going a while ago.

They actually kept a good beat. I'm pretty sure our next door neighbor heard the ruckus too, because the window is open in that room, and when she's going down her stairs and I happen to be looking out the window, we can plainly see each other, and we wave!

I also wanted to share this picture that I took last week. (Apparently Sam really likes this shirt, Auntie Claire, because it seems like he's wearing it in just about every picture I've posted on here!)

This is in a hotel parking lot, and you plug your car into it during the winter. Yes, it gets so cold here that you must have an engine block heater installed on your car, and the plug comes out of the front grill. Initially I thought these things were everywhere, but I haven't seen them in the grocery store or mall parking lots, so apparently it's only needed if your car will be parked for maybe 3+ hours. Certainly you plug your car in at home once you're in for the evening. Someone that's originally from Nova Scotia was trying to tell me that the cold and snow here wasn't that bad because it was a dry cold. Riiiiiiiiiight! South Texas and New Orleans being my only comparisons, I'm not sure I'll appreciate the wet vs. dry MINUS 40 temperatures (and I don't need to differentiate between F or C because they're EQUAL at this point), but we'll see! :o)

We're also getting ready for Nana (my mom) to come visit. I'll pick her up in Calgary tonight. I'm off to put some sheets on the guest bed!


Claire said...

aww! I'm so glad he likes that shirt! I mean, come on, what better shirt to have when you have 2 parents that are chemical engineers?

<3 I'll call you tomorrow (mom said it was kosher haha)

Anonymous said...

What does the shirt say? Can't make it out in the pictures. I didn't call you back since you said your mom was in town.

Cold is cold is cold. I cannot imagine nor do I wish to imagine what your fall, winter, spring will be like. At least the boys will get to go sledding, or tobaggining (Sp?) as Derek says and wear a took.

Jessica said...

The shirt says "Science is Awesome". I think if you click on the picture you'll see a larger version. (Do I answer questions on here, or email you back? I'm not sure what the proper blogging etiquette is.) I'll give you a ring next week!

Kacee said...

Yep- very familiar with the engine block heater. They dont have them around town here, but we diligently had to plug Chris' truck in each night since it doesn't fit in the garage. He also had to run an extension cord into work during the day. :)

Bill said...

Beautiful sites and PEOPLE.

Grandma is with us in DC for a few weeks. I'll get her on the site tomorrow.