Monday, July 28, 2008


We finally took a day trip over to the Rockies while my mom was visiting. Here are a few photos we took to hopefully lure people up for a visit.

Abraham Lake: one of the longest, narrowest, most teal blue lakes I've ever seen.

It took us a little while longer to make it to Lake Louise than we estimated. And my, was it crowded (though you can't see it from the pictures), but it's just as beautiful as it was when I saw it about seven years ago.

Otto, Andy, Sam, and Mom testing the water.

A chipmunk that was scurrying in and out of the rocks.

Mom and Sam on a two-mile trail that leads from Lake Louise to another lake (anyone?) and has a couple tea houses along the way. I believe this other lake is accessible by foot only. Maybe next time we'll have time to go all the way over!

A pretty patch of Poppies.

Lake Moraine, which according to the toe-testing crew is even colder than Lake Louise.

And we rounded off the day with dinner in Banff. Wow, it's grown since I've been here last!

And it's equally, possibly more beautiful in the winter, so feel free to come for a visit then, too. It's really not bad - it's a dry cold. :o)

P.S. Since we're talking about mountains, here's a shot that I love of the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Colorado that I took on our drive up to Canada.

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