Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pancakes, Farmer's Market, and Fishing

We started Saturday morning with the best pancakes I have EVER eaten. Sweet potato pancakes have been my favorite for several years now. Moist and delicious, with just a hint of nutmeg and warm maple syrup drizzled on top. Well, we had a banana laying around, so thinking of the scrumptious banana pancakes that Otto's brother, Aaron, made for us a couple times (my SECOND favorite pancakes ever) I suggested to Otto that we slice some in to the sweet potato pancakes he was making. Well, I just can't describe how happy I was while I was eating them. Sorry, no picture; I was too busy devouring them.

After the sensational breakfast, we headed to the farmer's market that they hold here on Saturday mornings during the summer. It was a mixture or produce booths, flea market booths, craft/gift booths, and food. And LOTS of people. Here is a raspberry that we bought there.
And here's something I had never seen before:

This afternoon we went fishing at a pond that we passed on a bike ride last week. Lots of casting and reeling in, but no bites.

Sam testing the laws of gravity at a nearby slide:
And after dinner we had a double rainbow out our back door!

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