Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break '09 - New Orleans!!

We were in New Orleans last week for Andy's spring break. At least Andy, Sam and I were. Otto stayed behind to work and save up vacation time, but he did get to go skiing both weekends!

The rest of us had a great time. It was too short. But we did manage to visit family and many friends; always wish we could have seen MORE friends, but I think we did pretty well for mainly only being there during the week.

We started our first morning off right with a visit to Morning Call for some beignets with my mom's husband, Bill. (Mom wasn't feeling well that morning.)

Sam took this picture.

On the way to get beignets, we stumbled upon the staging area for the Irish Italian Parade, so we went back to check things out after we ate.

I think the float riders were ready to get rolling, because several of them called the boys over to throw them stuff. They got thrown some fishing lures, stuffed elks dressed in doctor uniforms, Pop-Ice, beads, balls, and more. Bill even arranged for a moment ON a float.

After we could hold no more throws, dropped Bill off at the house to be check on Mom, then picked Dad up and went to have a po-boy at Parkway. (Yes, not long after the beignets, but I was ready.)
We then went to City Park to ride some rides. They've added a lot of rides since we were here last (pre-Katrina).

The boys had a blast - and I had fun, too!

The next day we went to the Quarter with Auntie Claire. Taking in the warmth of the sun on Decatur.

Chillin' at square Jackson Square.

And my lunch at Napolean House.

Auntie Claire doing a fine job holding Andy and Sam still for a picture after some post-meal tussling.
That evening we had a lovely dinner at Rick and Jo Ann's house, with Kathryn, Russell, and Dean. Homemade calzones, mmmmm. Sorry I forgot to take the camera out! And sorry we missed Dina, who was out of town for some training.

Then next day we headed to the Audubon Zoo with Dad and Claire. We started at the new dinosaur exhibit (which I think is a traveling exhibit). Most of the dinosaurs are automated, and really neat to watch. Here's Sam with the Triceratops.

I don't remember what this one is, but it spits at you!
And this evening we ate at Taqueria Corona (one of my favorite restaurants) with Sam and Abbie, who I haven't seen in ages! It was so very nice to visit with them, but do you think I remembered to take the camera out?

Mom, Bill, and Andy back at their newly-renovated house later that evening, which they've done a really great job with!

The next morning we met Ellen and Jack at Danneel Park and had fun playing on the fire truck and swings. And I forgot to take the camera out, again. I think I'm so busy enjoying people's company that I forget to take pictures. At least that's my excuse. Later we caught lunch with Nicole at Tulane. Thank goodness she asked if I had my camera! Sam took a picture. There's the newly renovated UC behind us.

And then we went for a ride on the streetcar.

Bye, Streetcar.
I had dinner that night with Heidi at a yummy Vietnamese restaurant on the Westbank while the boys stayed with Nana. And I sure do wish I had taken a picture with her. But I did get to talk to her mom on the phone!

The next morning we did some laundry at Dad's, then headed out to Camellia Grill for lunch after Claire got off work.

For dinner, we met Jackie, Benny, and Brittney over on the Westbank for dinner at the Alligator Pear. A fairly new restaurant in a fairly new shopping area that seriously felt like South Florida! It was so good to see them; it had been way too long. You're waiting for a picture, aren't you?

We had to get one more order of beignets before we left town. So Friday morning we headed to Morning Call again.

And we did make it to Mandina's the last night we were there.

Sam ordered the spaghetti and MEATBALL.

Our last hurrah was dodging puddles in City Park (it had rained somethin' fierce the night before) to try out the new playground equipment after dinner.

So I've found some gaping holes with my photo-documentation (friends, please forgive me - I'm truly kicking myself!), but hopefully the pictures we did take give you a taste of the wonderful time we had. Can't wait to go back!

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Derek said...

I have a bunch of pictures of our boys playing on the same play set in City Park, they love it.

I'm all hungry for beignets now. :-(