Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, 2009!

To celebrate the new year, we went ice skating and tobogganing at Bower Ponds. We need to fine tune the logistics of going skating, because by the time we got Andy and Sam's skates on, our fingers were freezing, and Otto and I hadn't gotten our skates on yet.

Andy was skating around with great speed, and I was more comfortable on skates than I remember being 15 years ago. Otto had decided to watch first, but Sam started getting very cold after a while, and I took him back to the car to warm up while Otto stayed to let Andy skate a while more. And then Andy started getting cold, so poor Otto never did get to put his skates on!

After we all warmed up in the car for ten minutes, we headed out again with toboggans (sleds) in tow. Luckily, towards the end, I remembered my camera has a video feature, so here is some live-action footage!

Otto and Sam tandem-tobogganing.

Andy catching some air.

Sam spinning down the hill.

View from the top.

All had a great time. Every time Andy and Sam got to the bottom of the hill, you'd hear, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!"


Anonymous said...

the audio is really funny!esp Otto's!
-- Mom

Kacee said...

Hilarious to hear Otto squeal :)