Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Andy lost his first tooth!

Or maybe I should say Andy had his first tooth yanked from his mouth!

I thought it could have gone another day, but after bath time Otto and Andy decided they should give it a try. YANK! and it was out. I tried yesterday with no luck, but I'm more from the wait-until-it's-dangling-by-a-thread camp, and probably didn't give it an appropriate TUG.

He was VERY excited, and so PROUD. He kept smiling into the mirror and saying, "My smile sure looks different!" And when I tucked him in and he gave me a kiss goodnight, he asked if the kiss on my cheek felt any different.

So now we're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Tooth Fairy. MANY Tooth Fairy questions dominated tucking-in time. Sam figured the way that the Tooth Fairy got the tooth from under the pillow was that she waved her magic wand and it made her small enough that she could get under there easily. And Andy said that Papi told him that all Tooth Fairies are transparent (that there was more than one was new to me - maybe these are like Santa's helpers?) and can go through anything. I said I'd never seen the Tooth Fairy, so all the above speculations were highly possible. To which Andy replied, "NO ONE has ever seen the Tooth Fairy. Except the Internet, the Internet has seen everything. If it's not on the Internet then it hasn't happened." Oh, I see.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God he looks so cute. How good the tooth fairy was? They growing and we getting older.

Muchos besitos

Tia Tere

Anonymous said...

Little Nana (BJ Nana's mother) saw the tooth fairy. She told me it was like a little ball of light. And Little Nana wouldn't lie!

Kacie Whigham said...

Yeah!!! And I love the internet part....that's awesome! Please write it in his baby book :)Tell the boys hi!