Monday, July 25, 2011


Andy and Sam participated in lacrosse this spring. I was going to sign them up for soccer, but a friend mentioned she was signing her boys up for lacrosse, and it was indoor. I thought about how cold soccer had been a couple years back when Sam had participated. A couple of the games were relatively warm, but most had been chilly, or cold and rainy, or cold and windy. Indoor sounded REAL good.

Lacrosse is Canada's national sport. Yes, really. The booklet they gave us when we signed up said that it was Canada's official summer sport, I think because the writers of the booklet knew, in their hearts, that Canada's national sport is hockey. Both boys really enjoyed playing. Sam was in Mini-Tyke, which wasn't as involved as Novice (Andy's level).

Sam was signaling for the ball here,

and just about to catch it.

Another action shot.

Happy after making a goal.

Andy's team participated in three tournaments, and won the gold at each one. Here they were after winning gold at the Tradition Lives tournament here in Red Deer.

This one was taken at the same tournament by one of he moms. These three fellas were all in the same class last year in Grade 2, and their teacher, who now lives near Edmonton, was nice enough to drive down to see them play! (Thank you, Madame, for driving down, and Carla for taking the picture.)

One of the dads took these two pictures of Andy at the Spirit of the Sticks tournament in Innisfail (and Olds). Thanks, Curtis!

Andy even got a turn as goalie for their game in Drumheller, which he quite liked. He tried the equipment on a few times here at the house before the game.

They were such a good team, and so fun to watch.

They placed second in playoffs for the Central Alberta Lacrosse League, but went to Provincials in Lloydminster, beat the team they lost to in playoffs, and ended up getting the bronze medal! (Again, Curtis with the photo cred below.)

It was a great experience that none of us will forget!

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Big D and Me said...

Alex loves lacrosse - he always wants to play goalie but I'm less than thrilled with it - thankfully he's only been in once - i think Alex loves lacrosse because of all the equipment