Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sam plays soccer!

Sam is into his sixth week of soccer now. The first few practices were so cold that he was wearing his jacket under his team shirt with pants. The last week it has been warm enough to wear shorts! Here he's running towards me for some water.

All the teams are sponsored by Tim Hortons (among others, but apparently they are the MAIN sponsor), and they all have Timbits on the back.

Hortons (affectionately referred to as Timmy's) is the be all end all of fast food up here. It is a Canadian icon, although I think it's owned by Wendy's now. And Timbits are essentially doughnut holes, so it's a cute and appropriate name to call the wee soccer stars. They also have a 'Roll Up The Rim to Win' contest where you, oddly enough, roll up the rim of your cup to see if you've won something. I missed playing last time they ran the contest, but a friend of mine won a doughnut! And you should see the "line-ups" at the drive-thru at any Tim Hortons!! So back to soccer; here are a few more action shots.

These are from a different day. Sam really likes to play, and he's pretty aggressive, in a good way. One of the mom's commented that he was really good, and I told her it helps having an older brother that you're constantly trying to keep up with and out do!

I like this one - big kick!


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Kacie Whigham said...

Ross would be SO proud!!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a professional soccer player.

GO Sam!!!!!!!