Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Wednesday Ladies

Pretty much every Wednesday morning for the past three years (during the school year), I've been hanging out with the same group of gals. Some have floated in and out, but every six weeks there is a Mom's Night Out where anyone who has ever been in the group can gather for dinner. Sandra, one of my friends who I met a couple years ago there, threw me a going-away luncheon last week.

Wednesday morning topics varied widely, but most revolved around what our children were up to, difficulties that we may be having, and brainstorming about solutions. It was just nice to sit around and talk, and bounce ideas off one another. We took turns bringing a snack, so not only did we have good company, we had good food. On the odd occasion that I was in a bad mood when I arrived, I was always in a great mood when I left.

It was SOOOOOO nice have met them at the start of school that first year. They made whittling out my new life up here MUCH more enjoyable.

A parting shot of Andy, Sam, Sandra, and Ben.

Thank you, Friends. You won't be forgotten, and keep in touch! I'm still considering skyping in on Wednesday mornings! ;o)

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Big D and Me said...

Glad you had a group of wonderful friends - how amazing that you could all get together fairly regularly every week.