Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tree time

We put up the Christmas tree last weekend. A few years ago we bought a fake, pre-lit tree. Love it! Mostly. You, of course, don't have the lovely pine smell, but the frustration saved by having the lights already evenly-spaced on the thing is spectacular. No dead needles to vacuum. No dragging it to the street. I'm not saying we'll never have a real tree again, but I'm sure happy with this one right now.

Mom made this one with the boys when we were visiting New Orleans this summer. It's really cute. And nothing says Christmas like a crawfish in a dress. :o)

My favorite box of ornaments to open are the picture ornaments.

My mom made one each year of Claire and me growing up. And speaking of Claire, here she is from our wedding!

The newest edition to our ornament collection, with last year's family ornament (snipped directly from an extra Christmas card).

The school-made ornaments are dear as well.

Our angel. This is angel number two. I broke angel number one when removing her from the top of the tree in Lake Jackson a few years ago.

Sam got to put the angel on the top last year, so this year was Andy's turn.

A little rest while Papi spoke with Abue.

Decorating the mini trees. A veritable forest.

And the preparation continues....


Derek said...

I like the kids homemade ornaments. Each year when you pull them it reminds me of our previous Christmas celebrations and good times.

Like the Timmy's ornament too :-)

Jennifer said...

That's so funny that you posted that you love your fake tree and I just posted wondering about them. I think A& A have the same school ornament.

Kacie Whigham said...

Love the background and miss my boys! Those pictures ornaments are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I can almost feel like I'm there! we just put up the decorations on West End.. Slidell will take a bit longer Love Mom Nana