Thursday, December 23, 2010

1st/2nd/3rd skates of the season, and cookies

Sunday we went on our first skate of the season. Andy, Sam, and I did. Otto still needs to practice and decided to help get people geared-up, and keep on his boots.

Then Andy and Sam talked me into going again on Tuesday. Before we left I gave them an early Christmas present from Papa Rex; REAL hockey sticks and pucks.

We had much fun, and went back this afternoon, hockey sticks in-hand again.

Although this looks like about 6 pm in the Southern U.S., these were taken around 4 in the afternoon.

Sam navigating around our make-shift goal of Andy's boots.

We also made some gingerbread cut-out cookies over the last couple days.

Though we rarely make cut-out cookies, I love cookie cutters. When we were in New Orleans this summer, we walked through a store at the River Walk, and I spotted some NOLA-themed cutters. I passed them up, but someone snuck back and purchased them for me. (Thank you, Dad.) So now we have some fleur-de-lis, Hail King Rex crowns, and little Louisianas thrown in the mix. And, of course, I had to buy a maple leaf the first time I saw one up here.

On to the decorating!

After taking a break, because cookie decorating was so exhausting, they ran off, got hot, stripped off the shirts, and came back to finish the last few.

Cookie heaven.


Anonymous said...

hockey looks like fun! Too bad my ankles are so weak. I love the red chef hat; was the esp. for Sam?
Love u all, Nana xox

Jennifer said...

Our boys would be so jealous to see this - playing hockey on real ice is just something they dream of - love the NOLA cookie cutters - makes me think I need to make some cookies with the kids