Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ski Trip

We went to Banff and went skiing at Sunshine for two days this week. It was pretty crowded, but there was lots of fluffy snow, and it wasn't too cold.

Andy and Sam took a lesson the first day, and Sam was very excited that his instructor said he should get some poles to start getting a feel for them. So the day after this picture was taken, he had poles, too.
Me taking a rest at the bottom of Strawberry.

This was at the top of Goat's Eye. I had never been on this run before; it was pretty good, but at the top there was limited visibility, and it was deceivingly fast. It was blowing snow like crazy! Andy and Otto went the second day, and apparently conditions had deteriorated at the top from the day before. Sam and I went on some easier runs while they went on Goat's Eye.

On the gondola on the way back down after a LONG day of skiing. The second day we left a couple hours earlier. I think the first day we were super-excited because it was our first trip of the season. The second day we were a little sore. :o)

After dinner one night. It snowed the whole time we were there!

You can see more of the lights in the background without the flash, but you can't see the snowflakes!

Sam checking out a grizzly bear ice sculpture by The Wildflour Bakery yesterday morning before we left.

The drive home.


Jennifer said...

Looks like so much fun! I would love to try skiing - Do we consider you a southerner still?

Jessica said...

You can consider ME a southerner; the boys I'm not sure about. Although I did buy a hockey stick today... for me. :o)
Come up for a visit - we'll take you skiing!

Anonymous said...

I consider you a Chicagoan!! I wanna see you play hockey.. how about a sports mash.. hockey stick in one hand, foil in the other! Looks like yall had fun, but brrrrrrrr I'll stay inside and watch from the window!
lOVE, mom
ps. where's Christmas pics?