Monday, August 10, 2009

Colorado, Part I

We returned last Thursday from a two week excursion (including two days driving there and two days driving back) to Colorado. Our friends Brian, Brenda, Madison, and Allie met us there from Texas for the first half of our trip. We arrived in Westcliffe within 15 minutes of each other the first evening - good timing! The next day we went to Lake Deweeze for a little fishing. First things first, though - MUST CLIMB ROCKS!!

Okay, now we'll try to catch some fish.

The only fish that was caught was a guppie that Brian caught with his hand when it was washed up between some rocks by the wake of a passing boat. That's about par for us and fishing. At least from shore.

After dinner the kids and Brenda enjoyed a rousing game of Monopoly Jr.

AND there was BIG excitement that evening when Brian spotted a black bear on our property, which then sauntered off up into the trees across the road. That's about how I like to see my bears - from afar.

The next day we went on a little hike.

Lunch was exciting. After the boys finished eating they needed to relieve themselves, so Otto marched them uphill to some trees not too far away, and Sam stepped in a yellow jacket nest! There were screams, much running, some yelling... it's all kind of a blur. The end sting tally went something like this: Sam - 1, Brenda - 2, Andy - 2, Otto - 1 or 2

The rest of us escaped unscathed. After the initial trauma, I thought everyone took it VERY well - way better than I would have had I gotten stung. We marched on!

Brian found some old bear claw marks where the bear tried to scale the trees.

Some pretty yellow flowers on the way back to the car.

The towns of Silver Cliff and Westcliffe from on high, or at least higher.

Back at the house, a view from the kitchen.

The kiddos dined on the deck that evening.

The next couple days included a day trip over to Salida for some swimming in the hot spring pool, and some shopping and eating. A little too much shopping, actually, when you count filling two baskets of stuff at Walmart, the power going out due to a crazy, freak storm that swept through town, having to abandon your goods because there's no telling when the power will come BACK on, and having to reshop for everything after dinner at break-neck speed.

One of the great things about going to Salida is the drive along Hwy 50 which follows the Arkansas River. I didn't take any pictures of it this time, and just looked through my shots from past trips to Colorado and don't have any there either. Apparently I'm just staring out the car window, mouth gaping, uttering something like, "Wow - this is so cool!" There a few nice pictures here of the area, but still not as awesome as where we were.

We also went bowling at the local alley one day. Westcliffe has a surprisingly nice bowling alley if you're ever in the area and, you know, want to bowl.

Alas, it was time to say good-bye to our dear friends, who were off to visit Brian's brother a few hours away. It was so good to see them; wish we could see them more often. And a big thanks to Brian who helped Otto with many repairs and maintenance issues around the house!

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