Thursday, August 20, 2009

Colorado: The End, until next time

We continue our journey with a visit to Bishop's Castle.

Jim Bishop built this castle all by himself. It's pretty impressive. And he seems like he would be interesting to talk to, as there are signs like these positioned here and there throughout the property:

A large chair in front, fit for the giant that could live there??

The ins and outs of the ballroom? And that IS a giant silver dragon's head on the outside at the top.
The other side of the ballroom.

In a winding staircase that went further up than I was willing to go,

and fairly far down, too.

Hmmm - flash or no flash? Can't decide.

Mom and Bill; trying to get as much of the castle in the shot as possible. Couldn't get the top in!

Showing off their newly acquired rubber band guns.

We then headed to Lake San Isabel in the San Isabel National Forest for a picnic and a little fishing.

It a small lake, but pretty. And did we catch any fish? No! But the two fellas on either side of us who were fly fishing did. Hmmmm.....

Mama Duck and her babies came over for a visit, and food. Okay, probably more for the food.

A parting shot on the way back up to the car.

Oh, and here's how the landscape project turned out. There are little plants in there that Otto planted that will hopefully break up the rock a little once they grow bigger, IF the deer don't find them appealing.

Great job, Otto!

The next day we were on our way back to Canada. Here's Sam enjoying a movie.

We stayed in Billings, MT on the way up and back. Nice town. And I think I took these in Wyoming.

Great trip all around!

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