Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Colorado, Part Deux

I'm a little behind here. Busy summer!! So continuing our Colorado story....

After our friends departed, Mom and Bill arrived for a visit. The first morning they were there, Otto had 20 tons of rock delivered to work on the landscaping in front of the house. The rock arrived from Florence (Colorado, not Italy) in a big ole' dump truck.

As he was leaving, the driver lifted the bed all the way up so the boys could ooooo and ahhhhh. Thanks Mr. Truck Driver Dude! (That pile of rocks in the bottom right was one of three piles.)

A deer we saw later that evening.

And THEN, there was another BEAR siting - right near the deck this time!

This bear was even CUTER than the one we saw earlier in the week. :o)

The next morning
Otto got busy on Bobcat that he rented to assist with the spreading of 20 tons of rock.

And while Otto was landscaping, Mom had the awesome idea of hanging a swing under the porch. So Bill suddenly found he had his own project to tend to. :o) He did a great job - not one swing, but two!! Thanks Mom and Bill!

So fun!

And the spreading of rock continued. Otto was hard at work for two days straight. Bill even got a turn on the Bobcat!

One evening, while Otto was still working on the rock, a VERY friendly buck stopped by (and even returned the next evening). He came to the back of the house first, and had about four girlfriends with him that were hanging back.

After visiting with Bill for a while, he heard Otto around by the garage rustling some landscaping fabric packaging, which I think he thought was food of some sort. He was quick to investigate.

What's he doing in there?

As he came around the cars, Otto jumped back and was quite startled! Of course, we didn't warn him that a deer was coming around to see what he was up to.

Once he found there was no food to be had, he lost interest in Otto, and came back around and licked some salt from Bill's hand!

Shortly after that they all pounced off, in unison. I didn't know they could do that!

One more post to go to wrap up Colorado. Stay tuned....

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