Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sam sleeps, and provides food...

Here are a couple of recent pictures that I thought were cute. This was from nap time a few weeks back.

And this one is from today. He curled himself up in some blankets on the floor in the office. It's not usual that he goes and takes a nap with no prompting, but he's been recovering from a stomach virus that hit him early this week. That Andy now has.

And remember those plants that Sam started from seed? Well look what one of them turned into - green leaf lettuce! Or some type of lettuce. And there are a couple heads of romaine, peas, carrots, and marigolds growing from the same initial cups. He was so excited about picking the lettuce.

The salad was served along side my first attempt at migas. I've never seen it in a restaurant, but from what I read on various food blogs, you just mix up some cut up tortillas (corn in this case), add some sausage or bacon if you like (we like), beaten eggs, and some chopped onion. I topped part of it with cheese, and served it with picante sauce (ran out of salsa). Hard to go wrong with those ingredients. I think it's typically served as breakfast, but it was dinner tonight!

Oh, and here's the grass that was growing in the other cup. Next to a cross that we keep on the kitchen counter that we bought at Market Days in Victoria, TX years ago. They're usually sitting next to each other right above the sink, but I moved them to the coffee table for this shot. And I normally put my wedding and engagement rings on the cross while I'm doing dishes. I think it's a sweet place for them to rest while they're away from my finger.

So Sam was a big contributor to our meal tonight. Thank you, Sam!


Anonymous said...

Desde cuando Sam duerme con gorra y todo. Como se llama el munequito que duerme con el?

Tia Tere

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the writing Andy! Way to go on the veggies, Sam! How did the lettuce taste? How did the grass taste? Love, Nana