Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Drumheller and Friends!

We visited Drumheller for the first time last weekend in The Badlands. And even more exciting was that Kim, Lupe, Isaac, Nathan, and Gabriel came up all the way from Texas to meet us!

Here is the head of the giant T-Rex in town. If you look reeeeeeeal close you can see me, Sam, Kim, and Gabriel up there.

I didn't think to take a long shot of the whole body, but it's a nice view from inside the mouth!

And there are lots of dinosaurs around town on which to climb, too.

Here we were the next day on the grounds of the Royal Tyrrell Museum.

And the inside of the museum was very cool, too. Lots and lots and LOTS of dinosaur remains and facts.

Here's a T-Rex.

And a dinosaur found in the common 'death pose', where over time heat shrinks the muscles of the dead dinosaur and tightens them so that their heads are drawn back into this uncomfortable looking position.

More picture-friendly lighting...

Here's Isaac in front of water and bubbles.

Many of the dinosaurs in the museum came from around Drumheller, and I commented to Kim that I didn't know why they wouldn't hang out somewhere a little warmer. Then not a minute later we came upon a placard explaining that back in the day, this area had a climate similar to that of present-day South Carolina and Louisiana (which is what Kim has guessed before we stumbled upon the information). Aha!

We continued on to Red Deer later in the afternoon. Look - here they are eating dinner in our dining room!

We had a great visit and it was so very nice to see them. They shipped off the day before yesterday to go explore Jasper and Banff before they head back to Texas.

Thanks for coming!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I wanna go in a dinosaur's mouth! I will enjoy the pix more when my right eye heals.. had the prk Rue. can't focus yet, and it feels like there's always an eyelash in it.. no pink bathing rrunks, I assume.. when are you ging to Cuba? love Nana