Thursday, November 20, 2008


We attended our first hockey game last weekend. I'm just noticing this sign isn't quite right. It should either read 'Red Deer vs. Medicine Hat', or 'Rebels vs. Tigers', but I digress.

I think this hockey league is like the AA or AAA baseball leagues. I'm not sure if they get called up directly to the NHL from here or not.

We sat on the first row, which at times made it difficult to see, but I think was fun to do at least once. I mean, how else can you get this close to the action?

The all-important Zamboni, which came out and smoothed the ice after every period was over, and before the shootout.

We sat right next to the visiting team's bullpen?? (what do you call it?), and at first the latched door that lets them in and out was a little jarring. WHAM! WHAM! And it's constantly being opened and WHAMing shut. Players are flying in and out, many times without stoppage of play (how does that work?). Eventually we got used to it and it became more of a wham.

During one of the intermissions? (again, not sure what it's called) they were advertising this minivan. I tried this a couple times last week. Luckily there were no cars in the immediate vicinity.

During the first intermission we had some popcorn, during the second they enjoyed some ice cream!
There were also some little league teams competing against each other for about five minutes to show off their skills.
And the proud parents photographing their little darlings.

After the game, one of the referees skated over to us, tapped on the glass, and asked us if we wanted the puck. Sure! So he tossed it over the glass to us.
So, yes, after three periods it was tied, they went into overtime, then the Rebels won in the shootout. Woohoo! Go Rebels!

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