Thursday, November 13, 2008


Since Andy and Otto were off from their normal weekday activities on Tuesday, we all went for a walk around Bower Ponds.It was cold. About -2 degrees C. I guess I can't say REALLY cold because it's going to get colder.

Otto would have worn a hat, but there was some miscommunication and he thought we were going to Costco. (We did after we went for our walk.)

As of this morning we all have a pair of ice skates, so I say with some hesitation and trepidation that we're ready for the ponds to freeze over. We've had some snow flurries, but nothing that has stuck to the ground. Maybe next week!


Anonymous said...

You can tell he is your son, my god as time pass he looks like you.

Anonymous said...

I guess I posted a comment on the wrong label. I meant the picture that is Jessica and Andy together.

Don't you guys are cold with those type of jackets, don't you supposed to wear the same as the Eskimos (I don’t know the spell) uses.


Tia Tere

Jessica said...


We do have heavier jackets, but we're waiting until it gets REALLY cold to use them! :o) It won't be long....

Anonymous said...

We are freezing here, today we have 56 degrees and I'm bundle up.
Niece hearing from you. Give a lot of kisses to my boys and you and Ottico.

Tia Tere

Anonymous said...

smirk:to smile in an affected, smug, or offensively familiar way. Maybe another word?