Thursday, June 2, 2011

Many-Layered Pancake Cake

I made this creation a couple months ago for my friends at the mommy's group I attend on Wednesday mornings. It all started with this recipe for thin, Swedish-style pancakes. Which turns out are very crêpe-like, but without the pressure of making crêpes.

One of the comments on the blog post had the cake suggestion, and I thought it sounded pretty tasty. I think I ended up with about 24 layers of pancake.

I alternated whipped cream layers with wild-berry jam, then covered the whole thing with whipped cream. I think it would also be DE-licious with a lemon curd.

I made the pancakes the afternoon before, and refrigerated them overnight, then assembled everything that morning. It was fun; like a giant, edible art project. And it WAS very tasty. Give it a try!

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Jennifer said...

Looks so professional Jess - I love it and I bet my boys would too - they just had waffles with strawberries and cool whip the other night and were in heaven - this is way better.