Friday, May 13, 2011

Andy Turns Nine!

Andy turned nine a little over a week ago, and we had his party a little early, as his birthday fell on a Tuesday. He's not a huge cake fan, so we went the giant cookie-cake route. We have no All-American Cookie Companies here (go figure), or anyone else that I know of that make cookie cakes, so we did it ourselves.

The boys played, ate pizza, and watched one of favorite all-time movies, The Sandlot.

On his actual birthday, we had pulled-pork sandwiches and some cake. Which he happily ate. Maybe he's coming around to cake. He even lit his own birthday candles. I instinctively reached to take the lighter from him, and he objected with, "But I light the candles at church when I alter serve!" Um, yeah, sometimes you do. Um, okay. I guess.

He thoroughly enjoyed his candle-lighting.

Happy Birthday, Andy!! We love you! :o)

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Jennifer said...

looks like fun! love the cake, cookie cakes are one of my all time favorite things to eat - We've never watched the Sandlot so we'll have to put it on our Netflix list - Happy Birthday Andy!