Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Computer Companion

I printed this large picture of Sam out on 8x10 paper from his Christmas concert and glued it on to some cardboard for strength. Then I taped it onto the little drum that he used as they sang Little Drummer Boy, and sat it on one of our speakers. It looked like him standing there with his drum around his neck - so cute! But, alas, he did not like it. At some point I'll tape this picture back onto the drum, and it will be a permanent Christmas decoration that I'll be able to enjoy each year as I remember his kindergarten performance. But in the meantime, I kind of enjoy him hanging out with me as I surf the net. :o)


Jennifer said...

This is the funniest thing - I honestly thought it was Sam standing there when I quickly glanced at it - maybe you need a life size one somewhere in the house - I'm sure the boys would love that

Anonymous said...

that is funny!
xox nana