Monday, November 8, 2010

Marta and Pupy visit! ...a belated post.

Otto's mom and dad came up for a visit in (ahem) August. (I've also neglected to post pictures from out trip to British Columbia this summer. Hopefully that will come soon.)

Probably the most exciting part of their visit was our trip over to Banff/Canmore/Lake Louise. We hiked the 2km hike from Lake Louise up to the Lake Agnes tea house. There were some BEAUTIFUL vistas to behold along the way.

This was a lake on the way up to Lake Agnes. If I hadn't waited until now to post this, I'd probably know its name. (Mirror Lake?)

Sam resting.
Getting closer!

We took several breaks, and finally made it up to Lake Agnes in about 4 hours. Compare that to a 45 minute trek down.
And the tea house. Word to the wise: if you, too, plan on taking this hike, pack a lunch! As there is VERY limited seating at the tea house, and there's no to-go window. :o)

So happy to be DONE! At least with the going up part.

On the way back down.

Marta and Pupy, back at Lake Louise, right before the all-important celebratory ice cream cones. We made it!!

The next day we walked around Banff, and showed them the Banff Springs Hotel. I LOVE that hotel. It feels like you're walking around in a castle.

The Royal Family.

And there were rapids behind the hotel. I think we've only been here in the winter, because as we were walking behind the hotel we heard an unfamiliar sound. Apparently on other visits the water was frozen and there WAS no sound.

Their trip was rounded out nicely back here in Red Deer with several visits to resale shops and garage sales, Marta and Pupy doing LOTS of cooking, a Latin American festival of all things (1st annual in downtown Red Deer!), and a night out to eat at Earl's. Come back soon so we can do it again! :o)

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