Monday, March 29, 2010

Friends visit, again!

Kim, Lupe, Isaac, Nathan, and Gabriel came to visit us from Texas a few weeks ago. They also came up last summer, so they're regulars around here!

We kicked off their trip by meeting them in Banff and skiing for a couple days at Lake Louise. Here's a shot of everyone suiting up. The camera was then tossed back in the car so as to focus on skiing (or boarding), so no action shots. I think all the relative beginners (myself included) got more comfortable on their respective vehicles, so great job to all of us! :o)

After the weekend, we headed back to Red Deer, and they spent a few more days in Banff. They went for a dog sledding tour at Snowy Owl in Canmore. They had a great time; I think we'll add that to our to-do list for next winter.

They then drove over here to Red Deer to spend a few days with us. Here we are trying to enjoy the outdoors at Bower Ponds on the coldest, windiest, slow-blowing-in-your-face-into-your-hood-and-down-your-back day of their visit. Here's the one picture that I took, for posterity, basically just to prove that we were out there before running back to the car.

The next day we checked out the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame, just down the road from our house.

A few shots from the interactive hockey/football/soccer/something else game. Isaac taking a shot.

Otto in action.

Gabriel pondering his next move.

Andy drop-kicking with Isaac, Lupe, and Gabriel looking on.

Sam doing...something.

Nathan, Andy, and Sam on the never-ending climbing wall.

Wheel chair racing. The video part was not functioning, so it became a test of endurance - who can last the longest??

And a large game of snakes and ladders (like chutes and ladders).
Kim and Gabriel taking a stab at mini-curling.

Later that night....

Isaac and Nathan checking out Izzy.

Then Phoenix came out to host the guests for a while.

And just general horsing around before bed. Everyone had fun; so glad they could come up for another visit!!

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