Friday, September 18, 2009

First Days of School

Andy started Grade 2 a couple weeks ago. Here he and Sam are before we headed to school that day.

And Sam started Pre-K (at the same school Andy attends) a few days later. He's showing off his purple rock.

It was a little cooler this morning.

So far, so good. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves. Sam has Pre-K in the afternoon three days a week, and on those days he starts asking if it's lunch time yet around 9:30am, because he knows that as soon as we eat lunch, it's time to go to school. And I've gotten a report of whoever misbehaved and what they did at the end of each day. I wonder if he'll be as forth coming with the information if/when HE'S the culprit.

As I was tucking Andy into bed tonight, he described to me a contraption that he wants to invent where you lift up your desk and feed your work into a computer underneath that completes all the work for you. I countered that if there was a computer doing all the work, he wouldn't learn anything. He countered with, "Yeah, but we'd have WAY more recess time!"

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