Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cuba - Dos

And so the next morning we were back at the beach, and found that during the night the sea had partially swallowed some chaise lounges. Look at that poor chair in the middle.

Marta suggested to Andy and Sam that they should try and free one of the chairs. They were never able to dig it out completely because, as you can see, the water kept coming back on them and depositing more sand. A futile effort, but it kept the boys entertained for quite a while, and Otto too!

Then it was back to playing in the sand.

There were a few buffets at the resort that you could eat at for every meal, and then there were several restaurants that took reservations for dinner. I think each family was allotted two reservations for the week, but Marta got us four. (She's handy like that.) So that evening we had reservations at the Italian restaurant. Here we are outside the restaurant.

The food was so-so, but the trio playing in the center of the restaurant was wonderful! The trio was comprised of two guitars and a lute, and their music made it well worth the visit. They took a few requests from the diners, and played a wide array of music, including several classical Spanish guitar pieces. One of the musicians came to our table and asked Marta if she had any requests. She replied that anything they played would be lovely. As he walked back to his chair, Otto commented to us that he really liked the song Cuando Sali de Cuba (When I Left Cuba), and his parent almost did a spit take. It's a beautiful song, but apparently not one that you suggest people sing that are still living in Cuba.

After dinner we headed to the outdoor entertainment area for some great (live!) Cuban music.

We don't get to hear live Cuban music very often. In fact, I think this was the first time for me.

I salsad (the past tense of 'salsa' looks odd) with Sam a bit on the fringes of the crowd. Everyone was having a great time dancing, swaying, or just toe tapping as they sat.

The next morning Mr. and Mrs. Grasshopper joined us at the beach. One of the gardeners made these out of palm fronds and gave them to Andy and Sam. Marta also showed us how to make and angel fish. I should have taken a picture of that - it was pretty!

Sam took this one.

This day I took a couple shots at the pool. Here's Sam running away from Andy in the baby pool, as Andy winds up his bucket full of water.

And the pitch!

Ball! But I think the next bucket was a strike. :o)

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