Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swim lessons

Sam will finish up his two weeks of swim lessons tomorrow. He's been doing very well. When we went swimming at the pool this weekend, he was able to swim a good distance from the wall to me. Nice glides, front floats, and back floats. They are a little stricter with moving on to the next level here. If you can't perform all the skills listed for the class, then you repeat the same class until you can move up to the next level. Andy also did well in his lessons a couple weeks ago. I think we'll take a month off, then go for some more in October.

Here they were in the deeper pool playing a game.
The child in the middle swims out under the arms of the others at some point, and here Sam is taking his turn.

This pool is much cooler than the one next to it where most of their lesson takes place (without life jackets), so this may be half smile, half teeth chatter!

And a cozy moment yesterday morning....

We're off to start amassing school supplies. School starts September 2nd, and we'll be in British Columbia the last week of August, so it's time to chop-chop!

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