Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Latest trip down South - Part 2

Before we start with round two, here's a shot that Mom took the evening we arrived. Dad picked us up from the airport and brought us to Mom's house, where she had set the table so prettily, and made a nice meal for us, Auntie Claire, Bill, and Dad. I love all the green in this picture! We're a bit color-deprived up here at the moment. The snow is almost gone, and there is brown everywhere. Anxiously awaiting green!

So where were we? ZOO! Auntie Claire, the boys and I and my friend Heidi headed to the Audubon Zoo one beautifully sunny day.

Tortoise eating banana.

White tiger glaring.

Bear perched atop log. LOOK at the claws.


Iguana, and....

baby and mama orangutan. Coincidentally, one of my favorite songs by The Iguanas is Orangutan!

Chillaxin' on the komodo dragon.

Auntie Claire, Andy, Sam, and Heidi by a statue.


More to come....

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Anonymous said...

What a great zoo - makes me miss home