Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cross-country skiing

Andy, Sam, and I have also tried cross country skiing this winter. Downhill skis scare me. Cross-country skis I can handle.

There were some FAT snowflakes falling on this particular day. Golf courses transition nicely to cross-country ski areas in the winter up here.

These were taken on the last day of Jackrabbits, which is a cross-country ski program for kids that meets for about 8 weeks. Parents are encouraged to attend as well.

Andy going through a hoop set up on a bumpy course that some of the parents had built.

Sam strikes a pose, as he so often does.

Sam getting his certificate of completion at the end with his group.

With as much snow as we've gotten the last few days, hopefully we'll head out again later this week!

Next sport on tap to try - Lacrosse: The National Sport of Canada.

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Jennifer said...

Cross country skiing seems like so much work - I don't know if I see the fun in it - seems like miles and miles of sweating and thigh burning - lacrosse is Alex's favorite sport!