Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Because it's Carnival Time... Everybody's Havin' Fun!"

Let the party begin!

One of these days I hope to take the kids to Mardi Gras. But, alas, this will not be the year. Again.

We actually got some real, genuine King Cake when we briefly passed through New Orleans for my grandmother's funeral a couple weeks ago. A fellow Southerner also living in Red Deer passed this recipe along to me that she found on the net which uses crescent rolls to make your own King Cake. So we made two last week; one with cream cheese and apple pie filling, and one with cream cheese and cherry pie filling. Both were quite tasty. I was surprised, and impressed!

In other news, Sam brought me this heart that he chiseled from ice when they were playing outside on Valentine's Day. It's still in the freezer.

Here are some pics we took this afternoon. Full-tackle yoga!

And, it's been a while since we've had a gecko shot. I call this one "Gecko on Highly Polished Desk."


Jennifer said...

Hey Jess-
I've got a homemade king cake recipe this week too. Although mine is really cheating and doesn't really involve mixing any ingredients. I bet Derek and Andrew would really like your cakes with fillings. Maybe I'll give your recipe a whirl soon.

Anonymous said...

I do it but with chicken and mozarella cheese and is deliciousssss

Tia Tere

Anonymous said...

I love the heart Sam made you!
Love, Nana