Friday, May 7, 2010

Andy Turns 8!

Andy chose a John Deere cake this year. Sobey's was kind enough to make it for me.

And the party was at LazerForce, our local lazer tag facility. I didn't take any pictures of them playing lazer tag, because it was pretty dark, and only those playing were allowed in. But here are a few shots from the cozy party room that we were assigned upstairs.

Having fun with party favors.

Andy and Sam gelled their hair into a mohawk as a special hairdo for the party.

Patiently waiting for cake.

The birthday boy with the cake right before we sang.

Wait - just one more!

Make a wish!

Lastly a group shot back downstairs before everyone went home. On the last round of tag there was a group of older kids in there so it turned into a kids vs. teenagers battle, which apparently was SO AWESOME!!!

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