Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day, and the Saints won The Super Bowl (a week later)!!

Here's some pretty pink popcorn that Sam and I made for Valentine's Day parties at school on Friday. It was very tasty; caramel popcorn with cherry jello powder mixed in. I didn't really taste cherry, but I tasted something different than regular caramel popcorn, and it was GOOD. Also festive for any pink-colored occasion.

Might I also draw your attention to the headline of the newspaper that Sam is holding above. The New Orleans Saints are SUPER indeed! This was from when they won the NFC championship game; last weekend they won the Super Bowl, of which every person reading this is probably well aware. Dad sent this paper up to us, but considering how much it cost to send this one, I think we'll get the 'AMEN' headline edition from The Super Bowl when we go down there next. I think I've enjoyed the win as much as I possibly can from this far away. The internet has certainly helped. I'm so happy for the city and can't wait for our next trip down.

A parting shot of Sam as a human Valentine. All the kids donned these from his Pre-K class that afternoon and sang us a song. He's pretty adorable all by himself, but the 15 or so all together were ridiculously cute. (I meant to take a picture of Andy today to slide into this post but forgot!)

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Anonymous said...

Love how the popcorn looks! I never would have thought of red jello though!