Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dad comes for a Christmastime visit!

We took Dad to Bower Ponds for some sledding on Christmas Eve.

Dad even took a turn down the hill! Apparently the ready-team accidentally sent him on a collision course with a little girl, so he created quite the trail of poofy snow behind him as he dug in his heels to try and steer away from her.

Otto heading back up after a run.

Snow-covered Sam.


Later that evening, Dad and Andy enjoyed the 'Fireside' channel that I found, since we couldn't enjoy a real fireside. Dad really liked this channel; he'd give us updates on when "the arm" would stoke it or add a log. :o)

We had a very nice Christmas morning. Santa ate a few cookies and left some gifts. Dad gave the boys some goggles. Lookin' good!

Dad was the designated bow collector. The drill was: get present from tree, take bow of gift, stick on Papa Rex, proceed to unwrap.

Otto getting cozy in his new robe.

Figuring out the new gadgets.

Taking some test shots with one of MY Christmas presents, a new-to-me Nikon. Nice camera!

Sam with Christmas-morning aftermath behind him.

Andy with his toothless grin.

The next day we headed to Banff to show Dad the Canadian Rockies.

Gettin' them doggies along.

Coming up to the mountains.

Frozen waterfall.

Our first stop was The Banff Springs Hotel, just to walk around. It's so very pretty, inside and out.

Gingerbread rendition of the hotel that looks suspiciously identical to the one that was on display last year. Me thinks the hotel chefs are not making it from scratch every year. :o)

In front of the giant tree in the ballroom.

One more, with flash this time, I think.

Back patio view.

Pretty china display in one of the shops downstairs.

Sporting their new Christmas sweaters at dinner. We did a little shopping after we ate.

The next morning at brunch.

After we ate, desperately trying to keep our eyes open towards the sun for a family shot. Then we did a little more shopping. :o)

The last day he was here, we took Dad out to Canyon Ski Hill so we could show him some of our cool moves.

Sam going up the tow bar...

and skiing down the hill.

Great job, Sam!
Me coming down the hill,

Andy coming down the hill.

Starting to get darker now - quick group shot!

And one more of Dad and Jess!

We had a great time. When I called him to make sure he got home safely, he mentioned a lady that sat next to him on the plane that had been to Banff and went on a dog sled ride, which he thought sounded fun. Already making plans for next time! :o) Thanks for coming, Dad!


Anonymous said...

looks like fun! Your dad was happy to have that hat, I bet!-- Nana

Anonymous said...

Surfing facebook and came across the link to your website.

Looks like a long, long, long way from Tulane (NOLA).

Hope all is going well for you guys.

Steve Milinkovich