Monday, November 23, 2009

This n' that

I haven't been very good about posting to the blog lately. I think now that we've been here a year, things aren't so 'new' anymore, and don't seem as 'new'sworthy.

Sam and I made some zucchini muffins a few weeks ago. Here he is grating the zucchini.

And mixing the batter. They were very tasty - I think the lemon zest in the recipe made them particularly good.

One evening Andy was doing his reading for school. I think Sam was waiting for him to finish so they could go play.... and fell asleep.

Andy helping me stir polenta for dinner one evening - very carefully!

Working on a word search one afternoon.

I took the boys for our first ice skating outing this (almost) winter a couple Sundays ago. Here they are posing with the gear.

Andy got his skating legs back fairly quickly.

Sam was still struggling a bit even at the end of last season, so we had a few of these moments:

But then he started enjoying himself.

And we went for our first ski trip of the season to Sunshine near Banff this past weekend. I didn't take the camera to the slopes, but the conditions were GREAT! (Unusual for this early in the ski season.) We all had a fun time. Here we are out on Banff Avenue after dinner.

The boys wanted their picture taken on this bench made of snowboards. First shot - Andy looking at the passer-byers.One more try...


Kacie Whigham said...

I miss you guys and hugging on those boys!!! They are so big! Come visit us in Fort Worth!!

Anonymous said...

Cuties! I see we're already wearing long sleeves indoors..