Monday, April 13, 2009

"Mommy, Sam's stuck in the mud!"

And I walked out to investigate yesterday afternoon just as Sam was trying to pull his leg out, but instead managed to pull his foot out of his shoe and land his sock in mud; still stuck. I had told them they could go in the back to blow bubbles. I didn't know our neighbors had a mud pit in their back yard; apparently an area that hasn't been sodded where the melting snow made some mighty sticky mud. Both sets of shoes were covered. Luckily Otto (and the boys earlier) had the hose out to wash the cars, so all that was required for cleanup was to put them on the grass and have Otto hose them down. I don't think I'll let them go out in the back again until the mud dries up, because I'm pretty sure they won't be able to help themselves. I think mud and little boys are like magnets to one another.

We spent our Easter weekend, rather untraditionally, in the mountains skiing. Or trying to. I bruised my tailbone pretty good the morning of the first day during my lesson and suffered through, but decided not to go back the next day. So Otto and Andy spent some quality time on the slopes while Sam and I spent some quality time walking around Banff. It was nice, but you don't get better at snowboarding by walking around town!

We discovered a lovely coffee shop/cafe called The Wild Flour. We ordered a ham panini with walnut pesto, and some fennel and apple slaw on the side, and headed to the Bow River for a little picnic. Sam ate most of the sandwich, which was fine because I was still full from the very good breakfast buffet at the hotel.

After lunch we walked to the other side of the river. And back.

Sam took this picture. He pointed out to me that he intentionally included the Canadian flag.
The next morning we had Easter brunch at The Bison. The food was DELICIOUS. Otto and I ordered variations of Eggs Benedict, and the boys shared pear and goat cheese crepes sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, served with a raspberry sauce.

Sam enjoying his chocolate milk.
This sugar and cream would make anyone crave a cup of coffee.

Happy Easter!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you guys too.
Sam is a professional photographer, he did very good.
Let them know that I was very happy to hear their stories on Sunday when I called.
Tia Tere