Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009

We celebrated Valentine's Day this year by heading to our local Canyon Ski Hill for a fun day in the (VERY!) fresh air. Before we headed out, we exchanged a few cards.

On the way to the hill (about 15 minuted from our house), we came across an isolated area of trees covered in hoar frost. You can't see it very well in this picture; it's far more beautiful. You can see some more spectacular pictures of hoar frost here.

I also took a shot of our frozen Red Deer River. Again, not as pretty as it was in person.

I found this area much trickier to snowboard in because the snow was pretty packed down. I guess I was spoiled by all the fresh snow we got at Marmot Basin in the mountains last weekend. But Andy and Sam did great!

Here's some footage of Sam coming down the hill. Sam went up the tow rope here and came down so many times that he was complaining of sore leg muscles this morning. But he was sure having fun at the time!

And Andy.

Sam went up on the T-bar with Otto a couple times to come down a green run, and Andy even went on the chair lift twice and came down with Otto on the blue run very well. I, on the other had, went up on the chair lift, made a wrong turn and ended up on the blue run, looked down at how steep is was and decided it would be safer for me and anyone in the near vicinity if I went down most of the way on my butt.

We ended the evening by going out to dinner at Moxie's, and I stayed up until midnight watching "Pretty in Pink", which I somehow had missed back in the 80s! Andrew McCarthy was always by favorite out of the Brat Pack. And I no idea James Spader was in that movie.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valantine's day (late). Photos are very pretty. By the way you look like an artist, the hair style IN!!!!!.


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